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In order to decrease possible transmission of COVID: if your child has been officially told they were exposed, then subsequently develops symptoms, they do not necessarily need to be seen. Please call the office if you feel there is a need to be seen: younger age, ear pain, hydration issue, etc. In some instances we may do a tele-med visit, but some may need a physical visit. If you want/need a SARS COV-2 test only, we have the rapid antigen test and/or can do a lab send out for the PCR test by appt, at your car or at the back door if necessary. We will need to know: were they vaccinated; was there an exposure, if so what date; do they have symptoms, if so, when did they start. We can provide a note for the school with the results. Please review the school's protocol. Please understand we are trying to decrease transmission by keeping those with COVID/possible COVID from leaving isolation/quarantine. Thank you!!

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