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Flu Vaccine Information

According to the CDC "Seasonal influenza activity is elevated and continues to increase in most parts of the country."

So, if your child or you haven't gotten your Flu Vaccine this season we still have them available.

Flu Vaccine Appointment Information

• We will immunize parents if supplies are available.

• We have a very limited supply of live flu mist, indicated for ages 2-50yr. It will preferentially be given to patients over parents. Please let us know your preference (shot vs nasal mist) when you schedule.

* Read the VIS (vaccine info sheets) below. Print and bring a COMPLETED screening checklist for each person receiving a flu vaccine.

• Patient must be > 6 months to receive the first flu vaccine, then will receive a second dose 4 weeks later

• Those less than 9 yrs should have received 2 flu doses in prior years, or may require 2 this season. We will help determine who needs 2 doses. Anyone requiring 2 doses will be preferentially scheduled for their 1st flu vaccine in Sept.

• You may schedule an appt by calling the office. Vaccines will be given in flu clinic Oct 11th, on any given day such as at a well visit, or nursing only visit (appt slots will be limited). 

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